Bolinas, California is an ocean-side town that teeters on the edge of the Pacific and the edge of the world, is a haunt not unlike a Steinbeck novel. It serves as the living backdrop for my film about a 90 yr. old artist, Peter Lee Brownlee, his zany friends and a woman who wants to save his paintings from ruination.

Executive Producer : Wendy Elkin

Director : Wendy Elkin

Cinematographer & Sound : Linas Phillips

Editor : Andrew Kaluzynski

1st Camera : Linas Phillips

2nd Camera : Averan Gale

3rd Camera : Leonard Levy

1. Painting Bolinas gives us a beautiful and poignant glimpse into the incredible talent and life of an extraordinary artist, Peter Lee, and the small quaint, extremely diverse and very protective town of Bolinas, California. Peter’s work is both naive and visually stunning, unparalleled in its simple beauty and purity of truth in both soul and spirit. To work in this style requires a mind, body and spirit totally unencumbered by outside distractions, leaving the artist with a simplicity of shape, a true clarity and excitement of color, and a child-like portrayal of honesty and truthfulness. We see a beautiful exploration into the powerful and significant world of creativity set amidst a small quaint California town which is a study in itself into the diverse yet quirky nature of its residents. This is a film not only for art lovers but those who appreciate the individuality and uniqueness of humankind. I recommend this to anyone interested in a greater understanding of this amazing world in which we live. This is by far, one of the finest documentaries I have ever seen. Congratulations to the filmmaker! Job well done!
        ~ Artist Jan Rink, Davenport, Iowa

2. The depiction of this beautiful, seaside town interpreted by this special artist is stunning. A unique style, an artist who is not afraid to use that color palette that reflects his optimistic, appreciative life in this town. I just loved the paintings as I am from a fishing family.
        ~ Sandy Brazas Keese, Rochester, Massachusetts

3. Painting Bolinas is a terrific documentary about Peter Lee Brownlee, (he is heavy, he’s not my brother) a self taught Painter, who resided in Bolinas, and displayed the warm, but cantankerous, human being that’s in all of us from time to time. The film documents the last few years of the talented painters’ life, and the relationship with his community of Bolinas, CA. The film demonstrates how the individual who acted like he couldn’t care less really wanted to contribute in leaving a positive legacy to his community and society. Wendy did a great service to this man and the Art World in documenting his extraordinary talent; great film.
        ~ David Lee, Mill Valley, CA

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