Painting Bolinas Music Video from Wendy Elkin on Vimeo.

Painting Bolinas
(Written and Sung by George Mohler)

It’s a twisted road that leads to the California Sun
Paint it on a postcard, send it via highway 1
Here’s to one more technicolor afternoon of love
Heading South on the shoreline Highway 1

Verse 1
From New York to Bolinas you should have seen us when we’re young
We were hard up for money, but then again we were hard
And those christmases in central park were cold but we forgot
Turned to figurines in memories, the music hasn’t stopped

Verse 2
The king holds court on Saturday, the jesters gather round
Tellin’ stories of the road, why they couldn’t settle down
And the bottle passes hands, through the laughter comes a sound
A fiddler plays a number, paying homage to the crown

Verse 3
Two by two go walking through a gallery in the sky
A thousand suns, a thousand cities shining in our eyes
If the morning come, we don’t wake up it’ll be alright
Bought a ticket through the golden gate to heaven

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